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Jiaruiyang Yunshan traceability system guarantees the traceability of books and periodicals

Date : 2019.08.13Browse : 11204

The ancients said: read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles;

The ancients also said: there is a path for the book mountain, and there is no end to the bitter sea and the boat;

The ancients also said: three more lights and five more chickens, it's just when men read books.

From ancient times to now, books have played an important role in our life, especially because of the importance of books. The poem above is one of the poems that more or less literati and writers of letters in the past urged us to read.

The products introduced by jiaruiyang technology are also indispensable to books. This time, we will talk about the solutions for the collection and traceability of books and periodicals。

Why should books and periodicals trace their origins?

Before the source of books and periodicals has not been traced, only fleeing goods and pirated books may bring millions of losses to a large enterprise.

In order to make the circulation of books and periodicals more convenient and efficient, and increase the channels for consumers to obtain big data, it is very important to establish a traceability two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting data platform.

What role does the traceability system of jiaruiyang Yunshan play?

Beijing jiaruiyang Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier in the whole process of tracing, collecting and coding.

Yunshan traceability cloud platform, which is the most suitable traceability solution for enterprises, can realize the whole process quality and safety supervision of products "production can be recorded, safety can be forewarned, source can be traced, flow direction can be tracked, information can be stored, identity can be queried, responsibility can be identified, and products can be recalled".

So what is traceability? What is one size for one thing?


Commodities contain not only use value, but also rich information:

For example: product information, raw materials, place of origin, processing workshop, production date, manufacturer, sales agent, etc

Identity code

ID code is just like product ID card, which is unique;

ID card can have many styles: digital code, one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode, rainbow code, quantum cloud code, frid label, etc.; now the most commonly used one is QR code two-dimensional barcode

Origin cloud

Traceability cloud is a huge commodity information interaction network;

It includes: cloud server, traceability software, identity code collection and association equipment, code scanning and identification module, cross goods inspection module, etc

One thing, one yard

Any commodity can display its information to enterprises or consumers through its identity code

So what value can the traceability system bring to the enterprise?

Jiaruiyang brings you the whole process of sincere service

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