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China International Shanghai all India Exhibition

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For the printing and packaging industry, the biennial China International Printing Exhibition is definitely the most famous and grand exhibition in the industry. Yes, what we bring today is the exhibition information of Beijing jiaruiyang Technology Co., Ltd. in this 2018 China International All India exhibition.

First let's take a look at the scale of this China all India Exhibition: 2018 China International All India exhibition will be held from October 24-28. The scale of this exhibition has increased by 34% compared with that of the previous one, which has once again refreshed the exhibition scale of all India exhibition and become the largest printing comprehensive exhibition in the world in 2018. The theme of this exhibition is "opening the era of printing intelligence", focusing on the general trend of intelligent printing and packaging industry. There are 1030 leading domestic and foreign suppliers and brands on display together.

Next, let's take a look at the first exhibition equipment of jiaruiyang

Jry200 clothing tag printing, reading and writing machine

In order to adapt to the fast printing of clothing hangtag and RIFD reading and writing of hangtag, the company has developed a full format printing and RIFD reading and writing integrated machine with the whole clothing hangtag, which can replace the original traditional printing, and is suitable for the card digital printing of clothing hangtag, PVC card, social security card, etc. the equipment has the characteristics of simple operation and small footprint, and the speed of full format printing can reach 60m / min. at the same time It can be upgraded to full-color full format printing. The equipment can realize printing, quality detection, RFID reading and writing, and complete one-time printing of full-color!

Advantages and features of the equipment:

1. It is equipped with high-speed industrial piezoelectric nozzle, with resolution of 600dpi * 600dpi, and three-stage ink drops can be selected;

2. Configure V8 online detection system, implement reading and printing quality, and remove unqualified products online;

3. Configure RIFD reading and writing device to realize online reading, and associate printing information according to reading information;

4. The machine is equipped with full servo system and PLC control to ensure stable material transportation;

5. High quality printing speed reaches 60m / min;

6. The maximum paper feeding width is 200mm;

7. The suitable material thickness is 0.15mm-3mm;

Careful friends will find that on the integrated machine platform, jiaruiyang has installed two sets of different printing units back to back, in fact, one is pure black ink-jet unit, the other is color ink-jet unit, let's see the effect of color card next


After reading the solution of the clothing tag, of course, we can't do without the tag, let's put the equipment first.

This is the second equipment and the third system on display in jiaruiyang booth. We choose the 320 type self-adhesive ink-jet printing platform produced by ZHONGTE company. As we all know, the equipment of ZHONGTE has always been one of the best in China. This 320 type self-adhesive platform also has different characteristics. It's amazing how fast the self-adhesive can move paper Amazingly, it's 200 meters per minute to walk forward, so some people wonder if they can get to the roll? Yes, there is no problem to roll. The rewinding speed of the equipment of general manufacturers is much slower than that of the forward paper. But today, this 320 platform is unusual. The rewinding speed is also 200 meters per minute, which can be described as a platform with high cost performance.

The next step is to enter the positive film. You can see that the printing unit of jiaruiyang on this platform is wider than before. Yes, this system is specially designed for users who need to print super large code and super large pattern. The equipment on display can print up to 258mm. How did that happen? In fact, we use 5 nozzles in this printing unit. According to the designer's design, the processing industry and commerce can achieve this function with the precise processing and the unique nozzle sewing technology of jiaruiyang. It is obvious on the field drawing of the spray printing effect equipment, so it is no longer independent.

There are a lot of contents in this time, and the contents of friends and businessmen behind are also wonderful

Just after the introduction of the label, while you still have an impression, we will first introduce the installation of the inkjet quality inspection machine of our two joint exhibitions in the price science and technology booth. This time, the company's platform is aim-330s full servo automatic quality inspection machine. As the aim series products with global market sales exceeding thousands of sets, their practicability and efficiency are unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. They have anti-counterfeiting, one digit, two-dimensional code, barcode, bronzing, RFID antenna, PVC, OPP, transparent, holographic and other label detection functions. They are integrated product inspection, high-speed strip splitting, full servo control and maintenance free.

Let's have a look at this device first.

As you should see at the first sight, the first step is our inkjet unit. This time, two sets of printing units are matched. Jry L series high-speed digital inkjet system is used, which is the most widely used system in the market of jiaruiyang at present. We have already introduced the application on the self-adhesive label, let's not talk about it. Next, let's talk about the next joint exhibition of our hardcore.

The world's first variable information inkjet high-speed paper mounting and stacking machine

As usual, if you don't talk much, look at the picture first.

When it comes to the installation of inkjet on the paper mounting machine, many colleagues have tried it before jiaruiyang, but the effect is not good. Because the old paper mounting machine itself is not designed for inkjet installation, so they try to try out various installation positions, and the results are not ideal. This time, jiaruiyang and Wenzhou Yongbang Machinery Co participated in the exhibition, and Yongbang and jiaruiyang designers began to cooperate in the design three months before the All India exhibition, providing more convenient and affordable solutions for how to make corrugated boxes one box one yard. In the design process, there are also many problems, but all of them have been overcome perfectly with the efforts of both parties. In this product, jiaruiyang's product configuration has also been updated. This time, because it is installed on a large paper mounting machine, in order to facilitate the operator's operation, introduce the cost of personnel, and increase the PLC control printing unit up, down, left and right automatic movement function, There are also functions such as remote ink pressing, automatic cleaning nozzle, etc. in a true sense, a series of functions can be realized by operating in front of the computer.