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The 9th China Zhengzhou Plastics Industry Expo

Date : 2019.08.13Browse : 1941

Spring hasn't come for a long time. Today, the first exhibition of jiaruiyang's 2019 exhibition just opened in Shandong, and the second exhibition of jiaruiyang's spring will come. Yes, it is the Ninth China Zhengzhou Plastic Industry Expo at the end of the month. The high-speed printing and rewinding platform of high-speed inspection products manufactured by Kesheng machinery will be equipped with the latest high-speed automatic control UV code spraying system of jiaruiyang technology and Lingyun detection, which will be demonstrated on site in booth et-02. We sincerely look forward to meeting you in hall e of the 9th China Zhengzhou plastic industry expo in 2019, and participating in the latest [high-speed inspection products with code spraying and detection integrated machine], providing two-dimensional for soft packaging enterprises Code, bar code and other variable information coding equipment.

In addition to the equipment exhibition, the 9th plastic industry (Zhengzhou) Development Summit Forum was held at the same time.

The topic of this time is:

1. Discussion on the industrialization of the overall scheme of intelligent injection industry 4.0

2. Discussion on new technology of automobile lightweight plastics

3. Discussion on functional film technology

4. Latest progress of 3D + printing technology project

5. Promotion of new generation environmental protection solvent-free Technology

6. Discussion on new technology exchange of medical plastics

7. Discussion on new energy-saving plastic building materials

8. Discussion on the new technology of thin wall packaging injection molding

9. Application display of automation technology robot

10. Information exchange meeting for excellent management and technical talents in injection molding industry