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New generation of jiaruiyang inkjet product release -- dazzle speed series

Date : 2019.08.13Browse : 1595

The news brought by the small edition is quite popular. I believe you have found the title when you see it. Yes, a new generation of ink-jet products of jiaruiyang technology will be released. Now let's take a look at the appearance of the products first!

Yes, this is the picture that our front-line sales personnel actually took and sent back. We can see that compared with the old model, the new dazzle speed device print head is more colorful, including the overall design, more mellow, greatly optimized on the curve, and the sense of technology is born from it.

Let's talk about the configuration and function upgrades of "dazzle speed" devices.

Of course, dazzle speed includes dazzle as well as speed. I believe you are most concerned about the same as Xiaobian. How much does the "speed" change?

Jiaruiyang dazzle speed series, the fastest speed can reach 180m / min.

This product upgrade, "dazzle speed series" products are equipped with self-contained ink roller control system, and the printing unit is equipped with full-automatic left and right mobile devices.

What's more, the "dazzle speed series" can provide 1200dpi printing effect, which is definitely a diversified device.