CasesJiaruiyang Yunshan traceability book collection code

Jiaruiyang Yunshan traceability book collection code

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Jry UVL inkjet system type A2

Customer name

Chengdu Jinyang Printing Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi wanwei Education

Project participants

Xi'an Murray Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing jiaruiyang Technology Co., Ltd.

The proposal and implementation process of book collection project

Wanwei education is the first brand in the field of secondary school entrance examination teaching assistance in China, which is to enter the field of secondary school entrance examination books in a professional way, and then create the era of provincial special edition of secondary school entrance examination books. Especially since the positioning of "only focusing on secondary school entrance examination" is clear, wanwei education is the first in the field of provincial special edition of secondary school entrance examination books, and has become the leader of domestic secondary school entrance examination books. The provincial and district special edition of the middle school entrance examination books has successfully served the ninth grade teachers and students in 28 provinces (cities / districts). Nowadays, the unique "wanwei model" created by wanwei education in the spirit of "dare to be the first in the world" has become a model and benchmark in the industry. At the same time, wanwei education's position as the leader of the national high school entrance examination books has been widely recognized and unanimously praised by the industry, forming a consensus of "national high school entrance examination to see wanwei".

Wanwei education group needs a more convenient and efficient way in the circulation link to increase the access channel of big data for consumers, and reduce the millions of economic losses brought to enterprises by cross selling and pirated books every year. Finally, the establishment of traceability QR code anti-counterfeiting data platform is officially put on the agenda.

By chance, Beijing jiaruiyang technology - Xi'an Mulei Information Technology Co., Ltd. met with Mr. Liu, director of the traceability project of wanwei education. The two sides quickly convened the first technical exchange between relevant departments within the company in January 2019.

In this technical exchange, general manager Gan, sales director of jiaruiyang company, and general manager Lei of Mulei company, as representatives, made in-depth exchanges with wanwei on the advantages and disadvantages of QR code traceability. Because of the three links of traceability platform, data collection and QR code assignment, jiaruiyang company can package and realize the overall technical output service, which is recognized by wanwei company. After comparing the schemes of several traceability collection companies and considering the links of service and investment, jiaruiyang Yunshan system is determined as the overall traceability platform of wanwei education.

Soon, wanwei organized the bosses of 13 local printing enterprises to hold the second technology docking meeting. In this meeting, jiaruiyang provided a more detailed plan, and made a careful communication on the specific process and technical points of books and periodicals data, collection and coding involving the printing plant. The active support of the participants for the wanwei project provided a good start for the promotion of the whole project.

After the meeting, the project team led by general manager Lei of mullair company continuously inspected and contacted all the printing plants on the spot, found out the existing equipment and processes, and customized different schemes for different enterprises.

In the next two months, the docking of the data platform, the establishment of the traceability node, the design of H5 page, the introduction of different collection schemes, and the implementation of the code assignment method will proceed steadily and effectively step by step.

There are not many successful cases in China. In the design and development stage of the whole project, jiaruiyang technology team provides customized services for publishing and printing enterprises in combination with the needs of enterprises. The determination of the traceability tree of books and periodicals needs to be determined according to the specific needs of wanwei education. Moreover, how to give new energy to books and periodicals and combine with the existing process of the enterprise is a process of continuous exploration and maturity.

In terms of data collection, facing the equipment situation of different printing plants, we have successively put forward four schemes: manual collection, automatic stacker collection, answer inserting machine collection, and adding automatic packer collection. Each process has different collection requirements. In order to achieve a good unified scheme, wanwei project team has given great support in the whole process. Jiaruiyang technical team As expected, overtime, customized development, for each enterprise tailored to the best program.

Configuration list

Jry UVL series A2 inkjet system 1 set (with 2 sets of printing units)

Jiaruiyang variable information detection system 1 set

Cold light source UV LED curing system 1 set

Jiaruiyang Yunshan traceability system 1 set

1 set of jiaruiyang acquisition system

1 set of gelite laminating machine (original manufacturer)