CasesSolution of two-dimensional code spray printing for single sheet paper pesticide

Solution of two-dimensional code spray printing for single sheet paper pesticide

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Customer name

Zhou Keai (Wenzhou Longgang individual customer)

Project participants

Beijing jiaruiyang Technology Co., Ltd.

Customer requirements

Two groups of printing units are added on the original basis to meet the                            requirement of printing multiple dense codes.

Inkjet solution

Longgang week is always an old user of jiaruiyang, which makes jiaruiyang's first equipment in Wenzhou. This equipment upgrade is mainly due to the fact that the previous equipment can no longer meet the current business volume of zhouzong, because zhouzong's equipment has been in use for a long time, and it will take a long time to modify and upgrade. In order not to affect the business production, our company directly gives The service has been renewed for a long time. Replace the original 2 groups of jry L series A1 equipment with 4 groups of jry L series a1 +

As the platform is not particularly stable, it is not easy to debug the four groups of printing units. With the efforts of our engineers, we first adjusted the platform to be stable, and adjusted our ink-jet equipment to make Zhou always meet the production requirements. President Zhou is also quite generous. He invited engineers to have a seafood dinner.

Configuration list

1 set of jry UVL series a1 + inkjet system (4 groups of printing units)

Jry UV LED water-cooled curing system 1 set (4 sets of lights)

620 single paper suction nozzle type Feida platform 1 set

Customized encoder and sensor mounting bracket 1 set