Company profile

Beijing jiaruiyang Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone (BDA), the core base of modern manufacturing industry in Beijing. The company is a professional supplier of the whole process system of traceability, collection and coding.

Jiaruiyang company started the research and development and manufacturing of variable information printing and testing equipment since 2010. The company has long been committed to the development of variable information digital printing and color digital ink-jet printing with multiple printing heads such as spectra, Kyocera, Ricoh, HP and Epson, and has been successfully applied to various products in different industries.

The company has obtained a number of variable information digital inkjet control system patent technology, as well as variable information online detection software copyright. We provide customers with systematic pre-sale and after-sale engineering and technical services.

Since 2016, the company has developed the Yunshan product traceability cloud platform in combination with enterprises with many years of traceability system development and successful application cases in the industry to customize the most suitable traceability solutions for enterprises. In addition, the company currently has its own research and development of visual inspection variable information system, providing production line variable information collection system. A complete set of software and hardware solutions for source tracing generation, management and collection are realized.

A kind of National Qianjiang economic development zone. The factory implements 6S management and flow production line.

Development concept
Core competence
  • Pragmatic

    Seek truth from facts - go deep into the front line, study from objective facts, find out laws and make judgments.
    Really do it - put what you have learned into practice, start from small things, start from now on, focus on the key points, and actively seek feasible solutions.
    Result oriented - focus on the achievement of results, consider the input-output, and think about the value contribution to the results when taking actions.

  • Harmonious

    Teamwork - help each other, unite, cooperate actively and maintain a harmonious working atmosphere.
    Continuous learning - open mind, accept suggestions from others, keep learning, challenge yourself, be willing to share and improve together.
    Tolerant and moving - modest and polite, respect others, pay attention to others' feelings, try to balance the demands of all parties, and be grateful.

  • responsibility

    Be responsible for the work - make clear your role and task, be loyal to your duty, be brave to undertake, consistent in words and deeds, and persevere.
    Be responsible for the team - carry out the work around the realization of the team's objectives, and make the team's efforts conform to the current requirements and future prospects of the enterprise.
    To be responsible for customers - customer-centric, sincere service, honest marketing, to win customer satisfaction and loyalty as the ultimate goal.

  • Development

    Follow the rules - understand the systems and standards accurately. Rules, effective use of policies, risk control, decisive decision-making.
    Professional depth - constantly study, face challenges, make full use of resources, accurately search for information, and propose high professional solutions.
    Strong implementation - pay attention to rules and plans, follow up and feedback in time, do not fear difficulties, and take the initiative to push the work forward as planned.